Financial Report 2018

US dollar bills

KNOM’s budget for ordinary expenses for Fiscal Year 2018 was $1,351,744. As you can see from the tables below, actual expenses were significantly (9.3%) less.

This is largely due to 2 vacant full-time paid positions plus efficiencies in fundraising expenses. FY ‘18 staff expenses would be $79,047 (net after benefits and stipends) higher, if the three full-time contracted volunteers were paid a regular wage.

Ordinary income exceeded expenses in FY18, largely due to dear friends who left legacy gifts to KNOM. The board of directors designated this income for long-term savings and reinvestment into the mission.

FY18 also marked the end of KNOM’s 7-year digital expansion project with the installation of the Nautel transmitter. The multi-year campaign expenses were $1,070,655.83, ending with a fund excess of $1,427.89, which will be held for future facility upgrades.

Year-end tax receipts will be mailed to you in mid-January if you gave $100 or more to the mission. If you do not receive one, or prefer an electronic version, please contact the business office at 907-868-1200 or

Income, FY 2018*

Donations$987,691 (69.9%)
In-Kind Gifts & Travel$14,305 (1%)
Wills & Bequests$369,119 (26.1%)
Other$42,347 (3%)

Expenses, FY 2018*

Staff & Volunteers$500,391 (40.8%)
Program Expenses$364,193 (29.8%)
Core Support (Admin & Fundraising)$360,683 (29.4%)

*Fiscal year 2018: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Image at top: public domain.