‘Dear Friend of KNOM’ (Christmas 2018)

Stay awake! Prepare! Rejoice! Hail Mary!

These exclamations for each of the four weeks of Advent become the basis for hope when pressed against the snowy darkness of Western Alaska.

The Gospel of the first week of Advent implores us to resist a hibernation of isolation and fatigue that comes with winter. The second week’s Gospel compels us beyond alertness and to action — to get busy. Gaudete Sunday of the third week of Advent adds joy to the mix, seeking and praising God for His goodness.

The fourth message of “Hail Mary” bears witness to God’s gift of Christ Jesus, born to a Holy Family, and the preciousness of new life.

KNOM’s on-air programming reflects the Advent progression toward hope. Thank you for exclaiming the Good News with KNOM!