‘Make Your Blessings Count!’ (‘Dear Friend of KNOM,’ November 2018)

Alaska Native dance ensemble, mid-performance, next to a window overlooking Nome, Alaska.

Dear Friend of KNOM,

One KNOM inspirational spot urges, “It’s not enough to count your blessings, you must make your blessings count!” The world becomes better when those who are blessed go beyond simply giving back. Things get better if we enhance our blessings.

KNOM Radio Mission is a repository of blessed sacrifices. Some people pray, some pay, some produce. The combined efforts are greater than a sum of the parts — they are multiplied in ministry. Still, there is much work yet to be done to make those blessings count. Hearts are thankful for the gifts. The glory goes to God. Western Alaska will be made better in this hope. Thank you!

Image at top: Embracing Culture — In early October, Nome hosted festivities for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Alaska Native drumming and dancing and a potluck of traditional foods marked the day. Photo: a performance by the King Island Dancers; photo credit: Emily Hofstaedter, KNOM.

Ivory rosary beads

Prayer, Nightly and Anytime — Each night, KNOM Radio broadcasts locally-produced recordings of the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. These devotional prayers are also available for streaming right here on knom.org. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.