Efficient Transmitting

Man with white beard sits at a bank of computer screens inside a radio studio.

Just two months since the installation of the new Nautel AM transmitter, the mission is already realizing significant energy savings, compared to the 21-year-old unit it replaced.

A 24.4% decrease in electricity usage from previous, similar readings translates to a savings of about $3,000 in annual utility bills. The best news is that reception reports indicate the KNOM signal is reaching much farther than the past 6 years. As engineers Van Craft and Les Brown fine-tune operations at the transmitter site, an even greater savings may be realized. Keep tuned!

Image at top: Still at it! Volunteer engineer Les Brown first came to KNOM in 1972 and has been helping the mission, one way or another, ever since. Les is pictured on the job in 2018 at the station’s digital studios. Les’ help, and that of fellow engineer Van Craft, has been invaluable in refining KNOM’s transmitter efficiency. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.