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“Happy Sweet Birthday”

Black-and-white, vintage photo of woman with long hair, smiling at camera.

To mark the 47th anniversary of KNOM’s very first day on the air — July 14, 1971 — the mission’s website now offers recordings of “Happy Birthday” written and/or recorded especially for KNOM’s daily broadcasts.

Ilisaqativut: “We All Learn Together”

Group of students seated at a session of Inupiaq class “Ilisaqativut.”

“Our language comes from the land.” “Our language tells our history.” “Our language… tells us who we are.” These are reflections from a language class profiled last month on KNOM.

Faith, Education, & Nutrition

Two women in dark red "Summercise" t-shirts smile at camera, sitting at a table inside KNOM studios, while displaying skillet with freshly-cooked egg scramble.

Recent visitors to KNOM have brought fresh nourishment for body, soul, and mind — for listeners and staffers alike.

Passing the Baton

Three people hold a teal "Welcome to KNOM" banner inside a small airport terminal, while a man, standing over their shoulder, holds his own small camera back at the photographer.

As KNOM says goodbye to its 2017-2018 class of volunteer fellows — Karen Trop, Gabe Colombo, and Zoe Grueskin — we’re also happy to introduce the first member of the class of 2018-2019, Emily Hofstaedter.

Board Directives

Group of people stands smiling, outside, in front of green bushes on a sunny day.

Coinciding with KNOM’s 47th anniversary, the mission’s board of directors met in Nome for their quarterly meeting.

From the GM’s Desk (August 2018)

“This is the legacy that you support in our region,” says Margaret DeMaioribus in the end-note to the August newsletter: “handing down knowledge, culture, and language from generation to generation.”