Education Successes

A high school graduate walks on a gymnasium floor in her graduation gown, wearing traditional, Alaska Native mukluks.
  • A recent KNOM feature program accompanied rural Alaska middle schoolers taking a two week STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) session at the University of Alaska–Anchorage. The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) taught students lessons on insulation, energy efficiency, and construction physics. (They built a bridge from balsa wood.) Students even assembled their own computers, which they can keep, provided they maintain A’s and B’s in their science and math classes and finish Algebra I before beginning high school.
  • Nome high school graduates were offered sage advice from their Kindergarten teacher, Kelly Thrun. She told her former students that while it might be tempting to line the bottom of one’s berry bucket with moss to give the impression of having collected a full day’s worth of berries, it’s ultimately more fulfilling to avoid the shortcuts and aim for the genuine success of a truly full bucket.
  • Across town, graduates at Nome’s Northwest College (part of the University of Alaska–Fairbanks) included two students now certified in high-latitude range management (for reindeer herding).
  • Nome’s Sonja J. Hukill completed basic training and will soon begin service in the United States Air Force.

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Image at top: At the Nome high school graduation, one senior’s mukluks (traditional, Alaska Native boots). Photo: Karen Trop, KNOM.

Supporters mingle with high school graduates inside Nome's gymnasium.

A scene from Nome’s high school graduation. Photo: Karen Trop, KNOM.

Students work with wooden dowels and styrofoam during a project at the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program.

Students at ANSEP’s STEM program (photo courtesy of ANSEP).