Nome City Council Decides on Local Division of NSEDC Community Benefit Share

A dilapidated structure in downtown Nome, believed to have once been the home of Leonhard Seppala.

Nome’s City Council has determined which entities will receive a piece of the mid-year community benefit share provided by the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation (NSEDC).

Last month, NSEDC announced it would distribute $133,333 to each of its 15 member communities. These funds were the focus of a City Council work session Monday night, as the Council decided which of the nine requests made by Nome entities would be honored and how much they would receive.

City Manager Tom Moran read off the awardee list during the meeting.

“Bering Sea Women’s Group – $10,000;
Nome Preschool Association – $12,605.96;
Nome NYO – $5,000;
Nome Community Center – $10,000;
NEST – $1,000;
Leonhard Seppala House Project – $3,000;
Nome Beltz Activities – $34,000;
City of Nome hockey rink – $57,727.04.”

Altogether, the proposals originally asked for more than double the funds available. One of the costliest requests, based on a fee proposal from Bristol Engineering, was the Nome City hockey rink, which is estimated to cost nearly $89,000 alone.

The City Council is expected to distribute the NSEDC money to the designated awardees later this summer.

Image at top: among the awardees of the mid-year NSEDC funds, as parceled out this week by the Nome City Council, is the restoration project for the Bering Street house in which Leonhard Seppala is believed to have lived. Photo: Zoe Grueskin, KNOM.