Story49: The Kobuk Comes to Ambler

Kobuk 440 champion Nicolas Petit tries on a pair of fur mittens sewn by Myra Yupikson.

A month after the Iditarod, the Kobuk 440 is one of the last dog sled races of the season. The village of Ambler, 45 miles north of the Arctic Circle, is the main checkpoint. Mushers come through Ambler both on the way out and on the way back in, and it’s where they take their longest breaks.

Volunteers from the community pitch in to run the checkpoint. According to some, most of the village’s 260 residents help out.

This month on Story49, hear from a few of a them and listen in as the Kobuk comes to town.

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Image at top: Myra Yupikson (right) shows Kobuk 440 champion Nicolas Petit the fur goods she sewed for the mushers. Photo: Zoe Grueskin, KNOM.