Caught Doing Something Good: Kayle Kavairlook

Kayle Kavairlook in Koyuk, 2018

Welcome to Caught Doing Something Good, where KNOM shines the spotlight on youth in Western Alaska. Every month, we interview students from the region and chat about the things they’ve been doing to positively impact their community.

This month on CDSG, hear seventh-grader Kayle Kavairlook at Koyuk Malimiut School discuss how he did his part in suppressing a tundra fire near his home, and more!

Caught Doing Something Good is an interview series focused on the youth of Western Alaska; the program will be available on this website and broadcast live on the last Saturday and Sunday of every month at 12noon and 5pm on KNOM (96.1 FM, 780 AM). (Previous episodes are still available; listen to them online here.)

If you would like to nominate a student for Caught Doing Something Good, please contact KNOM at 907-443-5221 or

Caught Doing Something Good: it’s time to take the spotlight and shine it on the positive.

Image at top: Kayle Kavairlook at Koyuk, 2018.