Housing Authority Continues Annual Grant for Crime and Drug Prevention in Bering Straits Communities

Alaska Native dancing inside the Wales gymnasium

The Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority is offering its annual grant for reimbursement of expenses to operate crime and drug prevention programs for youth. Each of the 17 tribes the BSRHA represents is eligible to receive up to $10,000 under this grant program.

Eva Dickson is the Executive Assistant with BSRHA. She says there are some limitations on which applications are eligible and which ones are not.

“With Wales, we contribute to their dance festival; that happens every year. So, that adds a lot to their dance festival they have every fall. White Mountain, we help out with the campfire that’s for the youth there.”

Besides specific cultural events, other allowable costs include culture camps, traditional activities like fishing, and/or operating expenses for established youth programs. Interested applicants have until the end of the calendar year to apply for the 2018 grant, but Dickson explains the sooner it’s approved and processed, then the sooner the tribe can receive the funds.

“They have until December 31st, 2018, and it renews. So in some cases, some of them could apply for it; it will be granted based on their memo, and sometimes they do it right at the end of the year, and they think of something they could use at the beginning of the (next) year.”

According to a press release from the Housing Authority, the only eligible applicants for this grant are residents of the 17 tribes represented by BSRHA; otherwise, non-regional residents will have to seek funding elsewhere.

Applications for the 2018 BSRHA grant can be submitted to Dickson directly by email, fax, or mail.


PO Box 995
Nome, Alaska 99762

email: edickson@bsrha.org

fax: 907-443-2160

Image at top: file photo: one of many performances at the 2017 Kingikmiut Dance Festival in Wales. Photo: Gabe Colombo, KNOM.