Roy Agloinga To Join Council on Foundations’ National Philanthropy Cohort for 2018

Photo used with permission from Rasmuson Foundation. (2018)

A former White Mountain mayor who now works for the Rasmuson Foundation has been selected to be part of a national philanthropy network, under a nonprofit leadership association.

Roy Agloinga has been a program officer for the foundation since 2015. Diane Kaplan, Rasmuson Foundation’s CEO and President, nominated Agloinga to be part of the 2018 Career Pathways cohort. For one year, Agloinga will participate in this program under the Council on Foundations, with the goal of developing professional networks and learning more about the potential of philanthropy.

In a written statement, Agloinga mentioned his desire to strengthen his contributions in the field of philanthropy and said, “I am connected to a culture and set of values that has never steered me wrong.”

Agloinga has a diverse background in Western Alaska culture, as he was previously the chief operating officer and interim president of Norton Sound Health Corporation. In addition, he served with Kawerak as the tribal affairs director.

The Council on Foundations’ CEO and President, Vikki Spruill, describes the Career Pathways program as being a leadership incubator, which develops individual talent in philanthropic organizations. There are 24 members of the 2018 cohort, including Agloinga.

Career Pathways convenes four times across the country, over the course of a year, with the next gathering set to for April in Philadelphia.

Image at top: photo used with permission from Rasmuson Foundation. (2018)