Nome Mushers Embark on Second Kennel Club Race of Mushing Season

An aerial view of Nome, Alaska, its airport runways, and nearby mountains, covered in snow in late winter 2017.

Nome Kennel Club members will face off in another local sled dog race this weekend.

According to race marshal Neil Strandberg, for this 30-mile race, there will be one team class which allows mushers to have a maximum of 12 dogs and a minimum of five dogs.

Tomorrow (Saturday), 15 minutes before noon, competing teams will be assembled at the Nome City snow dump, as they prepare to mush across Little Creek, Anvil Creek, the Snake River and other points throughout the loop.

The approximately 32.5-mile trail will take mushers south and east along Nome’s coast, while staying north of the airport.

Trail markers have been placed to the north and east of Icy View, so Strandberg asks that drivers use caution when crossing the Teller Highway north of Icy View, west of Glacier Creek Road, and when they are traveling on Center Creek Road.

The Nome Kennel Club’s 30-mile sled dog race begins at noon Saturday.

Image at top: an aerial view of Nome, Alaska, and the surrounding countryside, March 2017. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.