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2017 Financial Report

US Dollar Bills

Fiscal year 2016’s deficit of $79,273 necessitated spending reductions for the next year. So the 2017 budget was built with an anticipated 6% reduction in expenses.

However, in FY 2017 (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017), KNOM managed a 10% decrease in operational expenses from the previous year. The most significant savings were the result of an unfilled staff position, renegotiated vendor contracts, increased efficiencies in fundraising, and sacrificing volunteer recruitment practices for less expensive, passive techniques.

Staff expenses include salaries, taxes, benefits, and volunteer costs. Administrative expenses include postage, professional services, property insurance and taxes, and bank fees. Fundraising is the cost of inviting new supporters to the KNOM mission (more expensive because your information is not shared with anyone). Mission operations are utilities, recruitment and training of volunteers, and facility and programming costs.

Net volunteer time is the financial value of the time donated by KNOM’s full-time volunteers during their tenure, less the cost of their support (insurance, stipend, fellowship, and room/board). The line item is both income and expense, so the net impact is zero, but shows the grand savings to the mission for their quality work.

Income exceeded expenses in 2017, largely due to bequests from dear friends who remembered the KNOM mission in their estate planning. The board of directors designated this unexpected income to replenish KNOM’s long term investment account, rather than use it for everyday expenses.

Year-end tax receipts will be mailed to you by mid-January if you donated $100 or more to KNOM in 2017. If you do not receive one, or prefer an email/PDF receipt, please contact Robyn, John, or Lynette at 907-868-1200, or business@knom.org. Thank you!

Income, FY 2017

KNOM Radio Mission Income, Fiscal Year 2017: Donations: $948,361 (52%); Wills/Bequests: $634,303 (35%); Volunteer Time (net): $100,646 (6%); In-Kind Gifts and Travel: $57,743 (3%); Other Income: $75,267 (4%)

Expenses, FY 2017

KNOM Radio Mission Expenses, Fiscal Year 2017: Newsletter: $109,814 (8%); Administrative: $56,658 (4%); Mission Operations: $305,982 (21%); Staff & Volunteer: $586,373 (40%); Fundraising: $289,091 (20%); Donated Volunteer time (net): $100,646 (7%)

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Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that KNOM Radio Mission is located on the customary lands of Indigenous peoples. 

Based in the Bering Strait region, KNOM broadcasts throughout the homelands of the Iñupiaq, Siberian Yup’ik, Cup’ik and Yup’ik peoples.