Elder Voices: Enid Lincoln

Fish River, White Mountain

KNOM’s Elder Voices shares Enid Lincoln’s story from the archive this week. Enid tells her story of growing up with her family in White Mountain; of boarding schools, a relocation to Dallas, Texas, and working with children to preserve the Fish River language and culture.

And Enid laments the loss of community storytelling that she remembers from her childhood:

“The people that we went to visit, they would drink their tea or their coffee at night, and they would tell stories. This is when all the legends were passed down, all your family history, the village history… important things that happened. All these were passed on during that time. But then, in 1981, we got telephones, electricity, and television, and everybody stopped visiting, and everybody stopped telling stories.”

Image at top: The Fish River, viewed from White Mountain. Photo: Lauren Frost/KNOM.