Coast Guard Saves Seal Hunters Stuck in Snowy Weather Near Savoonga

Orange and white Coast Guard helicopter flying directly overhead

The Coast Guard rescued six hunters on St. Lawrence Island yesterday after inclement weather stranded the group.

Alaska State Troopers in Nome notified the Coast Guard around 2:30am Sunday that a seal hunting party of five adults and one child were unable to return to Savoonga on their ATV’s. Reportedly, the hunters were not properly dressed for the cold and did not have shelter at their location.

Out of Kotzebue, a Coast Guard helicopter crew deployed to rescue the hunters about 25 miles southeast of Savoonga. By that time, all six hunters were inside a makeshift cabin to take shelter from the 20mph winds and blowing snow.

The Jayhawk helicopter crew transported the hunting group back to Savoonga’s airport in good condition at 9:30am Sunday morning.

Image at top: US Coast Guard (file photo), public domain.