Positively Providing

A young man sits at his desk in a wood-paneled office with maps and photographs on the walls.

Corey Ningeulook grew up hunting caribou, oogruk (bearded seal), and walrus with his family.

He says that hunting is both a passion and a necessary part of life in his community — as it has been for generations before him. He told KNOM listeners in a recent interview that “the best part is seeing how happy people are for fresh meat and sharing it.”

Corey is the recipient of the 2017 Young Providers Award, sponsored by Bering Strait Native Corporation to recognize Western Alaska youth who contribute daily to the health and well-being of their families, communities, and culture.

His subsistence activities also help Corey in his work as the village’s Climate Change Coordinator. He wants to live in Shishmaref forever, but knows its location is very vulnerable. The village has made international headlines for the risks of climate-related erosion. The situation is so dire that the village recently voted to relocate because the community is slowly wearing away.

Corey is featured in a new episode of KNOM’s Story49.

Thank you for shining light on these positive young leaders.

Image at top: Corey Ningeulook in his office in Shishmaref. Photo: Zoe Grueskin, KNOM