Zoning Ordinances on City Council Docket; Junk Motor Vehicles Could Be Prohibited In Zones

Side view of an old Ford pickup truck with rust marks and dust on its side.

Storing junk motor vehicles outside of Nome’s industrial zoning district may be prohibited after tonight’s City Council meeting.

Nome’s Common Council could pass an amended ordinance to determine which vehicles meet the criteria of junk motor vehicles, while also limiting where they can be stored in town.

Another ordinance regarding zoning on the Council’s agenda involves changing land uses for certain areas on the Nome zoning map. If passed, specific commercial, residential, and general use plots could be affected.

Before adjourning, the City Council could also purchase approximately 90 square feet of the Masonic and City cemeteries property for the price of $20,000.

For a similar cost, the Appraisal Company of Alaska has offered to provide ad valorum tax services for the City of Nome. The one-year agreement between the City and the Appraisal Company would cost $22,000 if it is signed during tonight’s regular meeting.

The Nome City Council will convene at 7pm tonight in Council Chambers.

Image at top: An old Ford F-150 pickup truck in Nome. Photo: David Dodman, used with permission.