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City Council, Utility Board, School Board Seats Up For Grabs in Upcoming Nome Election

Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

Nome’s City Council has appointed three election judges and three clerks to serve as the election board for the upcoming City election in October.

Jill Nederhood, Erin Lillie, and James Ferguson are the appointed judges, while Shirley Tisdale, Evelyn Omiak, and Zack Davies have been selected as clerks. All six electors, including the designated chairperson, Nederhood, will receive compensation for their day of service. Judges get $11.00 per hour; clerks receive $10.50.

The six-member election board will assist local voters at Old St. Joe’s, Nome’s polling place, as they cast their ballots for Mayor, two City Council seats, two Utility Board seats, and three School Board seats.

As of this morning, current mayor Richard Beneville is the only candidate who has filed to run for Mayor of Nome, which has a two-year term. Regarding Councilman Tom Sparks and Councilman Louie Green’s seats, at least one of them will not be running for another term.

According to Councilman Sparks, he will not seek re-election for another three-year term on the City Council:

“Well, I’ve decided not to run. I’ve really enjoyed four years on the table here, a little over, and I was on the Planning Commission before that. But I’ve got another hip surgery, and I need some ‘me time.’ It’s going to happen in January, and between work and this and health things, I just need a little break.”

Other spots on the ballot for this year’s local election include NJUS Board Member Carl Emmons and Patrick Knodel’s seats, as well as School Board members Jennifer Reader, Brandy Arrington, and Panganga Pungowi’s (Pangaanga Pangawyi) seats. Utility Board members normally serve two or three year terms, while School Board members serve for three years.

The deadline to file as a candidate for the upcoming election is September 12th at 5pm. Election day is Tuesday, October 3rd.

Image at top: Voting booths in Nome, November 2014. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

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