Gov. Walker Approves Updates to “Vulnerable Adult” Services in Alaska

Two Bills are now effect to provide better care and services to elderly people and "vulnerable adults" Photo Credit: Governor's Office, used with permission. (2017)

Seniors and elderly Alaskans may soon receive more services through recently-passed State legislation.

Governor Bill Walker signed Senate Bill 83 and House Bill 108 into law last week, which update existing laws providing care to “vulnerable adults.” Vulnerable adults are defined as people over the age of 18 who are unable to take care of or protect themselves for various reasons.

According to Walker, SB 83 brings Alaska into full compliance with the Older Americans Act and allows state agencies to work together more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of vulnerable seniors.

The bill also gives Adult Protective Services the option to use videoconferencing technology in rural communities to serve adults. HB 108 now allows fiduciaries, such as trustees and court-appointed guardians, to manage the digital property of the people they represent.

In a release, Walker said, “these reforms – combined with the privacy protection and consent components – bring Alaska into the modern age, and allow fiduciaries to effectively carry out their duties.”