Preparing for the Harvest

Woman holding a freshly-caught salmon outside on a sunny evening

Summer in remote Alaska marks the time when preparing for winter begins in earnest. Fishing, hunting, berry picking, and food gathering often continue long after the midnight sun. Each year, it’s astounding how much can be harvested from the land, sea, and rivers. Truly, Divine Providence provides!

KNOM, in its remote, seemingly desolate location, is also awash in bounty. The combined efforts of benefactors, volunteers, staff, and listeners dance in an inspired choreography to broadcast faith, inspiration, news, and education in Western Alaska. KNOM goes out to fish camps, providing companionship while fish are caught, cleaned, and preserved for later consumption. Weather forecasts keep folks safe from storms, and daily reports inform fishers of allowed times to drop nets. Evening Rosary prayers and Sunday Mass connect listeners to the greater faith community. KNOM’s values of being a friend and companion while providing respectful service anchored in Catholic ideals is abundantly evident in Western Alaskan summers.

Thank you for a plentiful harvest!

Image at top: Here’s dinner! Summer subsistence fishing is essential in preparing for the long months of winter. Photo courtesy of Michael Burnett.

A vintage photo of young children picking berries

In late summer, rural Alaska children — like their parents — often spend afternoons picking wild berries, which grow in abundance.