City of Nome Aims to Curb Public Intoxication with New Ordinances

Businesses on Nome's Front Street, including the Anchor Tavern, Husky, Golden China, and Maruskiya's gift shop.

Three ordinances regarding alcohol and its consumption in Nome are on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting.

These items of new business include an ordinance making it illegal to be intoxicated in a public right of way, an ordinance limiting the sale of liquor in town to only the hours of 11am through 9pm, Monday through Friday, and 1pm through 9pm on weekends; as well as an ordinance to put a ten percent excise tax on alcohol sales.

All three alcohol related ordinances are in the first reading phase. One piece of business that could pass tonight is an ordinance authorizing the City to purchase Lot 2 of the Tundra Lakes Subdivision, from Arctic Gold Mining, for $10,000.

Before adjourning the regular meeting, Mayor Beneville is expected to appoint Lucas Sawyer to the Museum and Library Commission. The Nome City Council convenes at 7pm tonight at City Hall.

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  1. Michael on July 26, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Ouch! That ain’t good at all.