They Give By Going. You Go Through Giving.

2016-2017 volunteers Karen Trop, Lauren Frost, Tyler Stup, and Davis Hovey hold a KNOM Radio banner under a particularly vivid, green-colored instance of the Northern lights near Nome.

For more than a half century, volunteers have been coming to Nome for a year or more of service. The KNOM volunteer program has evolved, morphed, expanded, and shrunk to meet the needs of the region and technological advances. KNOM’s commitment to serve the region with faith, inspiration, news, and education through radio has remained constant.

Nearly 350 volunteers have spent a year or more in faithful service at KNOM in Nome. It takes years afterwards to fully appreciate the volunteer experience. Lessons learned at KNOM can help in the most unexpected situations. Volunteers finish their year(s) feeling as though they personally grew more than they gave, despite long hours of sometimes-intense work. They often leave with lifelong friendships and a fresh life perspective. Some meet their spouses in Nome; a few discern vocations.

The volunteer fellowship is anchored in the values of the KNOM Radio Mission: to be a friend and companion whose respectful service is based on Catholic ideals. Volunteers give by going. You go through giving. Together, we become a friendly, helpful voice in Western Alaska.