Connected in Faith

Father Tom Kuffel at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Nome.

KNOM was created to beam worship, inspiration, news and education across Western Alaska. When KNOM first took to the airwaves in 1971, some villages did not have a full-time priest. Back then, three times more priests served the region than do now. The need for KNOM’s live Sunday Mass broadcasts, Rosary, Divine Chaplet and inspiration remains critical today. KNOM encourages listeners’ shared faith connection and sustains those longing for the Sacraments in between priestly visits.

Unlike Alaska’s cities and the Lower 48, the cost of an internet connection prohibits access to web-based ministries for much of bush Alaska. Thus, KNOM’s radio mission remains vital.

Father Tom Kuffel will be spending the Easter Triduum in Kotzebue, one of the four parishes to which he is assigned. Father Tom Lankenau will be visiting Nome to celebrate Holy Week services and the Easter Sunday Mass broadcast.

The faithful in the remote corners of Western Alaska will continue to have a connection for their faith, thanks to your support. Father Tom Kuffel remembers you and your intentions in a special way during Mass on the first Friday of each month.