Stamping Saves

At the request of many KNOM benefactors, a business reply envelope is included with each newsletter mailed. This allows folks without a readily available stamp to respond easily; a stamp is not required. However, any postage affixed to these envelopes can be submitted to the post office for reimbursement.

KNOM takes advantage of deep discounts on large quantities of business reply postage. Business reply postage is not prepaid, so if the envelopes are not used, there is no charge.

The KNOM business office collects envelopes with stamps. The last batch submitted to the post office resulted in a $741.79 deposit!

KNOM is grateful when newsletter recipients take the time to stipulate communication preferences: via email, monthly postal mail, or limited mailings each year. To change your mailing preferences, please call us at 907-868-1200, email Lynette at, make a note on the enclosed coupon, or visit our contact page.