First Fridays for You

Father Jay Buhman at the microphone in KNOM's studios

Fr. Tom Kuffel, Nome’s St. Joseph Catholic Church pastor, schedules his monthly first Friday Masses for the intentions of KNOM’s benefactors and supporters. That’s in addition to the prayers of the KNOM staff and Masses offered by board member Father Ross Tozzi and spiritual director Father Mark Hoelsken.

Fr. Tom enthusiastically supports the KNOM mission both on – and off – the air. Besides being the celebrant of KNOM’s live Mass broadcast on Sunday mornings, Fr. Tom has also helped renovate the volunteer dormitory house.

Last month, when Father Tom was serving other parishes, Father Jay Buhman, a traveling missionary priest from Denver, ministered to the Nome parish. Before Father Jay left town, he shared his voice talents in the KNOM studios to record future radio spots.

There are not enough priests to provide parish ministry in rural Alaska. KNOM’s technology can magnify the ministries of Father Tom and fellow priests by taking to the airwaves. Our thanks to Father Tom, Father Jay, and you!