2016 Financial Report

US dollar bills

Last year’s good news was that KNOM reduced expenses by more than $90,000; however, income in fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016) still fell short of expenses by $79,273. Year over year changes (2016 vs. 2015) are compared in the tables below, with higher numbers highlighted in light blue.

Staff expenses include salaries, taxes, and benefits. Program underwriting can take two forms: cash and in-kind goods or services. (An example of the latter is KNOM’s arrangement with a regional airline to provide transportation to nearby villages for news stories in exchange for program sponsorship announcements.)

Net volunteer time is the financial value of the time donated by KNOM’s full-time volunteers during their tenure, less KNOM’s cost for support (insurance, stipend, fellowship, and room/board). The line item is both an income and an expense; its net impact is zero but shows significant savings to the mission for quality work.

Administrative expenses include postage, audit, insurance, property taxes, and bank fees. Fundraising is the cost of attracting new supporters and protecting your privacy.

Year end tax receipts will be mailed by mid-January to anyone who has donated $100 or more to KNOM in 2016. If you do not receive one, or prefer an email/PDF receipt, please contact Robyn or Lynette: 907-868-1200, or business@knom.org.

Income, FY 2016 vs. FY 2015

FY 16FY 15
legacy gifts/bequests$280,222$615,165
contract volunteer time$90,232$150,899
in-kind travel and gifts$54,333$14,740
other income$15,881$6,254

Expenses, FY 2016 vs. FY 2015

FY 16FY 15
mission operations$228,391$209,857
volunteer time (net)$90,232$150,899
in-kind travel$49,343$14,740

Income, FY 2016

Expenses, FY 2016