Preparing Servants’ Hearts

Margaret prepares the supper table with food cooked on a camp stove in a cabin without running water.

Soon after KNOM volunteers learn the mechanics of work at KNOM, the group retreats to prepare their hearts for mission service.

Volunteers Davis, Lauren, Tyler, and Karen, with staffers Margaret and Robyn, spent a late August weekend nestled in a rustic former roadhouse cabin, miles beyond even the rural outskirts of Nome, to hear from community leaders about the history and issues of the region. After the initial life adjustments involved in moving to the sub-Arctic, the retreat is a chance for the volunteers to prepare for service, to reflect and pray, and to anticipate the joys and challenges of the year to come.

KNOM wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding women and men, many of them recent college graduates, who apply to spend a year or two of service in Alaska. KNOM is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 volunteer fellowship year. You’ll find an application and more information on this website.

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