Weekly Inspiration

Votive candle

As of October 1st, this website, knom.org, now features a weekly link to an inspirational spot (seen in the top navigational menu on every page).

These brief inspirational messages — short reflections, thoughts, passages, or quotes — are produced for radio, typically in 30-to-60-second chunks. KNOM airs these messages throughout each broadcast day in lieu of commercials. Nearly all of the radio spots are created in-house, with even distributions of inspirational and educational themes. It’s the inspirational spots that have been one of KNOM’s oldest and most distinctive products.

Just like on the radio, inspirational spots are sprinkled throughout each of the print and email issues of the Static (inside the light grey boxes).

You’re invited to join KNOM listeners each week right here at knom.org for a new inspirational message.