Donor Privacy Policy

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Your personal information is the highest priority to KNOM.

KNOM never has, nor ever will, share, rent, sell, exchange, or barter your personal information with anyone, for any reason.

This is a promise we take very seriously. KNOM was recently offered a very lucrative opportunity to join a mailing list co-op. The price of admission was the personal information of our supporters. Despite our need, we declined, and honored KNOM’s promise to you.

Your information, once given to KNOM, stays only with KNOM.

We greatly respect our benefactors’ privacy and are always eager to adjust your communication preferences to whatever you prefer, be it print (like mailed newsletters and thank you notes), electronic communications (like emailed newsletters and thank you notes), or no communication at all.

We are happy to chat with you about options during business hours (907-868-1200) or through email to Robyn ( or Lynette (