A Prayer for All Souls

Cemetery in Teller, Alaska

“Remember our brothers and sisters who have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again. Bring them and all the departed into the light of your presence…”

In November — a month that begins with the Catholic feasts of All Saints and All Souls, the latter a remembrance of all those who have passed away — we remember the souls whose gifts to KNOM Radio Mission have allowed hope in Christ to flourish on Western Alaska airwaves.

We thank and remember those who have given support and prayer; those who have given their time in service as volunteers and staff; and those listeners who have allowed their stories and faith to be broadcast so it may inspire others.

Each of these souls has shared an unrepeatable uniqueness that has made KNOM’s mission possible.

This month, we thank God for the spiritual treasure they’ve been to Western Alaska.

We pray for those who have gone before us, that God will bring to completion the good work they began in their lives.

(Photo: the cemetery and Bering Sea coastline in Teller, the same community described elsewhere in this November newsletter.)