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Margaret and Eva reporting from the finish line.
News volunteer alumnae Margaret DeMaioribus and Eva DeLappe report live from the start of the Nome Equinox Sled Dog Race, organized by the Nome Kennel Club.

Make it your mission.
Here’s how to apply.

Four Simple Steps

  1. Verify that you are a US Citizen and will hold a Bachelor’s Degree by the start of your service year.
  2. Review our online application — or, if you prefer to apply by (postal) mail, download our application in PDF format.
  3. Fill out the application; make sure you include all information that’s requested. Shoot any questions to belong@knom.org.
  4. Submit your completed application, either online or by mail. See instructions below.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis until all positions are filled. Typically the application review and interview process occurs in the spring, with positions starting in June and July, but the 2020 start date is more flexible.

If you’re interested in applying later in the year, send an email to belong@knom.org. Inquiries are always welcome.

Submitting Your University Transcript(s)

Please note: among the requirements of your KNOM volunteer application are your university transcripts, which cannot be submitted electronically. KNOM will not accept photocopies or computer printouts of your grades.

Please mail an official stamped/sealed copy from your university or arrange to have your transcript(s) mailed directly from your university registrar to the following address:

KNOM Radio Mission
PO Box 988
Nome, Alaska 99762
attn: Volunteer Applications

Submitting Applications by Mail

Place all of the items for your application in a single envelope. You can record your audio sample (for Part 16 of the application) on a CD; please include this in your application envelope and send it to the address above. Include your official signed/sealed university transcripts, or have them mailed directly from your registrar, as described above.

Daynee and Lucus in Studio A.
Volunteer alumni Dayneé Rosales and Lucus Keppel chat on the air from Studio A.

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Any Questions?

Read our Frequently-Asked Questions!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot an email to belong@knom.org.