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Firefighters Contain Blaze Near Golovin

An aerial view of smoke rising from a fire near the village of Golovin, Alaska.

Firefighters arrived on the scene last Friday after reports of smoke from Golovin. They contained the 12-acre fire by Sunday, preventing any damage to property or life.

Wildfire Starts in Stebbins After Blaze Escapes Community Dump


Beth Ipsen, spokesperson for the BLM Alaska Fire Service, says the fire became their priority when already-burning debris in the dump went rogue around 9:30 Friday night. By Tuesday morning, she says, the six emergency firefighters from a Grayling crew had finished mopping up the fire that escaped the dump.

Smoke in the Sky!

Smoke in Nome's weather forecast

Daily life in Alaska is predictably unpredictable, and this summer’s weather in Western Alaska was no exception.