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Scotty Campbell. Photo by Davis Hovey, KNOM (2022).

Scotty Campbell was born in New York City and attended undergraduate school in Florida. The Actors Studio MFA Program took him back to New York. While in college, he became a house composer at one of the largest jingle houses in the Southeast — Jeff Arthur Productions. Later, he developed and produced syndicated inspirational programming. 

Scotty was drawn to the KNOM by work that is a mission. He finds an encounter with Christ, the first mission pillar, through the rest of the pillars, embracing culture, empowering growth and engaging the listener. He considers it a gift for work at KNOM to integrate faith and a call to service. 

He hosts the morning show on KNOM and will produce audio content focusing on the cultures of Western Alaska.

In his free time, Scotty enjoys nature through hiking, playing guitar, singing and songwriting.