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Tony Calumet is a 38-year radio veteran who dabbled in theater, teaching, music performance, and a number of other things before arriving in Nome.

Tony spent his first 14 years on the air as a radio personality. After quickly realizing ego would not pay the bills, he turned to sales, consulting, and management, where he has worked the past 24 years. 

Tony taught classes on speech, theatre and TV, and radio for six years, and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in teaching. Tony loves the theatre, both acting and directing. 

For 14 years of his life, he traveled the midwest with the musical showband The Street Band. He was inducted into the Iowa Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. 

Tony has been married to his wife, Dr. Karla, for 17 years. She hosts an hour-long radio program called “Here’s to Your Health” on Iowa Catholic Radio. Karla and Tony have three children; Krystin, Angie and their son Bill, who passed away from diabetic complications, and five grandchildren. 

For the last five years, Tony was the Executive Director of Iowa Catholic Radio. His story of obeying the Holy Spirit is what led him to Nome, as the new General Manager of KNOM.