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Miranda Musich today, with a horse on her farm on the outskirts of Nome. Photo courtesy of Miranda Musich, used with permission.

Greetings! My name is Miranda Musich, and I hail from Nome, Alaska. I have lived in Nome most of my life, but I have been fortunate to have traveled and lived in Europe and several Lower-48 states. My husband and I have a small farm a few miles outside of city limits, where we have horses, chickens, dogs, and cats. Until the acceptance of this position, I worked at UAF-Northwest Campus as a professor of applied business. I bring to this role not only extensive connections throughout the region and the state, but a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Human Resource Development, and undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice Administration, Psychology, and General studies. I am very goal and team-oriented, and that reflects in how I guide and lead others. My aspirations while in this position are to not only create a fully-staffed and cohesive team but to also start expanding on the important and regionally/culturally relevant activities that KNOM is already offering. It is also of importance to me to continue to honor the KNOM values of being a friend and companion to our listeners, ensuring we always offer respectful service through diverse programming, and observing the Catholic ideals that have been at the core of the station since its inception. I am excited about all of the possibilities, and I am honored that the KNOM board has selected me to lead the organization.