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KNOM’s new logo is intended to honor the mission’s 50-year history and carry the mission into the future. 

The logo is designed by Brendan Hollis of Utqiagvik, Alaska, for KNOM’s anniversary and beyond. The main logo graphic – the dogs and musher – has been updated from the old logo’s pen-and-ink drawing of a dog team pulling a traditional sled, to a stylized graphic of the same motif.

In keeping with KNOM’s direct style of speaking to “you, the listener” – instead of “all of you out there listening” – the dogs run directly toward the viewer. The dogs themselves look leaner, as sled dogs bred for modern mushing also do.

The dogs and musher not only represent Western Alaska’s long history of dog mushing, but symbolize the persistence and resiliency of the mission and region. Despite numerous hurdles, storms, accidents, and other challenges the mission carries on today largely thanks to the untold number of volunteers and staff who have made KNOM possible.

The constellation, the Great Dipper, symbolizes the Great Land of the State of Alaska. As in the night sky above Nome, the constellation naturally ends in the North Star, Polaris. The star’s cross shape is a reminder of KNOM’s Catholic identity, which both grounds and guides the station’s mission and public service.

Finally, the tag line, “50 Years in Western Alaska” riffs from KNOM’s slogan; “Yours for Western Alaska”. In the circular version of the logo, its placement makes “complete the circle” for KNOM.