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KNOM is a Friend and Companion offering Respectful Service based on Catholic Ideals.

The three values above are the foundation for advancing KNOM’s mission in Western Alaska.

KNOM’s philosophy of stewardship sets it apart from many other charities. If you donate, this is KNOM’s commitment to you:

Your personal information has never, and will never, be traded, sold, or otherwise shared with anyone.

While KNOM purchases mail lists from a broker, we have made a commitment to never sell or share that information with anyone, for any reason. Unlike many other charities, KNOM does not participate in mailing list co-ops that collect and sell donors’ private information and giving history. To prevent identity theft, all financial information is either behind lock and key or shredded. As for KNOM’s mailing list, we’re happy to take you off it. (More on that below.)

You are more important than the size of any gift.

In God’s kingdom, some of are called to give, some to go and serve, and some to pray. KNOM does not judge a gift by its number of digits, but by the love with which it is offered.

Donor contributions are essential to the mission’s success.

KNOM is funded nearly entirely by individual benefactors. Although the mission operates with the blessing of the Catholic Church, KNOM is an independent charity with no ­­funding from the diocese. You really do make the mission happen.

KNOM will thank you, personally, in the manner you prefer.

We know that your gift to KNOM is an expression of care and faith. KNOM will reciprocate as you wish; by paper letter, e-mail, or no acknowledgment until your tax receipt at the end of the year. Every thank you letter is hand-signed and hand-stamped. You can let us know by e-mail.

You are remembered in prayer.

Most mornings, and every weekly staff meeting, begin by offering prayer requests from benefactors and listeners. Fr. Kumar at St. Joseph Church in Nome celebrates Mass for your intentions each Friday.

KNOM will tell you the truth.

If you have questions about finances, operations, or any other aspect of the organization, ask them. You will get an honest answer.

Your gift matters a great deal and ought to be stewarded carefully.

Former General Manager, Tom Busch, often described KNOM as “an efficient little mission with hardy people”. Located in a remote region with a very high cost of living, KNOM is good at squeezing as much as possible from every dollar.

If you call during business hours, a real person will answer.

The business office is a three-person operation, staffed from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Alaska time. If you call and don’t get through, the line may be in use or, on rare occasions, we’re out running errands or in meetings. Unlike many organizations, KNOM does not call anyone to ask for donations.

No gimmicks, premiums, or junk mail. No manufactured crises. And no pressure.

The impact of your giving is presented honestly. Your choice to participate in KNOM should be made with all the information available. We trust the Holy Spirit to guide and multiply support for the mission. The result is that despite crises KNOM has always had enough resources, at the right time, when it was needed most.

KNOM will communicate as much, or as little, as you would like.

Good stewardship means contacting you according to your preference—whether that’s receiving e-mail newsletters, or printed newsletters in the mail with an annual, biannual, quarterly, or monthly frequency. We are happy to take you off the list. You can let our Development department know by e-mail.

KNOM represents Western Alaska with a hopeful message.

Despite difficult experiences, we focus on the good. Western Alaska is strong, beautiful, faithful, and resilient and deserves to be represented that way. The mission statement is a reminder to every day encounter Christ, embrace culture, empower growth, and engage listeners.

KNOM exists today because of the generosity of those who choose to participate in something far greater than what any one person could accomplish. Thank you, and may God bless you!