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Dear Friend…(February 2024)

This month Catholics face a seemingly paradoxical juxtaposition as St. Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day. St. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, romance, and indulgence, while Ash Wednesday is a day of penance, reflection, and spiritual renewal. On a deeper level, though, these two days have more in […]

Counting is for the Birds

On a chilly December day, Kate Persons, the volunteer coordinator for Nome’s Christmas Bird Count and a retired Alaska Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist, led a group of volunteers on a day of bird observation. The day held numerous surprises for the dedicated birdwatchers. Among the notable discoveries was a record-breaking number of […]

No Roads Lead to Nome

The recent mishap on an Alaska Airlines flight and the subsequent grounding of aircraft brought national attention to the aviation industry. Fortunately, Alaska Airlines was able to handle the situation without reducing service to rural Alaska. Like most Alaskan communities, Nome is not connected to the road system, so food, fuel, and other supplies can […]

Trapper Hats for Troopers

With the Alaska Department of Public Safety searching for a new supply of fur trapper hats for State Troopers, many Troopers are turning to their local communities for help. The Department has allowed Troopers to have their hats custom-made, as long as they meet certain requirements. Many State Troopers prefer the custom-made option, because a […]