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Dear Friend… (September 2021)

The strength of rural communities are their people and their love for one another. In bush Alaska, people are always willing to lend a hand to friends and neighbors. When you don’t have many hands to make light work, you learn to do what is necessary: to focus on what is most important, dig in, […]

Love Letters to Home

“Dear family and friends in Huslia, Alaska, There are many things I love about our community: the strong sense of camaraderie, the friendliness of everyone in town, the fact that everyone is ready to help each other out in times of need, but something I want to focus on is theresilience shown by each member […]

Pilgrim Hot Springs Revive Farming Effort

This summer, Pilgrim Hot Springs planted a small test crop in an attempt to revive their produce garden that grew from 2016 to 2018. Geothermal springs make the grounds of Pilgrim’s former Catholic orphanage ideal for growing vegetables – a unique opportunity in a region that relies on shelf-stable products like dry and canned goods. […]

Unalakleet Civilians to Support Coast Guard Drone Response

Aerial view of Unalakleet during winter, with open water along the coast.

The Coast Guard is currently training seven Unalakleet locals to fly unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, as a remote response team. The project director, Dr. Jessica Garron at the Alaska Center for UAS Integration, said this task force is a historic first. “There’s been no organized training program put into place like this. Period. This […]

Diomede Builds New Store

The absence of a grocery store has been felt in Diomede since 2020, when the old building had to be demolished. When other food sources were scarce or fluctuated, such as during poor fishing and hunting seasons, locals decided something needed to be done. For months, Diomede residents stocked groceries at the local Catholic church […]

Near Fire at KNOM Transmitter Site After Meter Explodes

“It’s been quite a week!,” says engineeer Les Brown. He was supposed to arrive in Nome on Sunday August 7 for routine maintenance, but the only workable bus and airline schedule was for Wednesday August 4. Five hours after his arrival, the KNOM-AM transmitter started acting strangely. Power dropped and the remote control became erratic. […]