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A New Hope: Reindeer

Man stands at the doorway to a mobile reindeer processing plant.

In the near future, reindeer may play an increasingly important role as both a subsistence and commercial food source in Western Alaska. The region “could become Alaska’s reindeer capital,” one local leader told KNOM listeners this summer.

Attitude of Gratitude

Girl is in position on gymnasium floor similar to a push-up — body almost parallel to the floor, legs behind her, arms extended — while competing in the Native Youth Olympics “seal hop” event.

“Don’t just give up. You got to keep trying harder and harder so you can achieve what you want to be — your goal in life.” A recent episode of KNOM’s “Caught Doing Something Good” profiled the positive outlook of rural Alaska student Demi Levi, whose determination has led her to success in the Native Youth Olympics.

‘You Are Not Done Yet’

Man sits at table inside village office in Savoonga, Alaska, holding a coffee cup.

In the St. Lawrence Island community of Savoonga, winter isn’t just when it gets colder and snowy: it’s also “when the Bering Sea locks up.” But in 2018, the solid sea ice upon which untold generations have depended never came. It’s a threat to food security and the subsistence way of life, says local tribal chief Delbert Pungowiyi. Into his later years, the threat of environmental “disasters” has filled Delbert with a new sense of purpose.

Internet, By Helicopter

Silhouette of internet tower in Noorvik, Alaska, at sunset.

Just how remote is Western Alaska? As KNOM News recently reported, one local telecom provides internet to the region by using repeaters in the wilderness, powered by diesel generators that can only be refueled by helicopter.

From the GM’s Desk (September 2018)

“You are connecting families and communities across thousands of miles,” writes Margaret DeMaioribus in the end-note to KNOM’s September newsletter.