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Dear Friend… (October 2021)

Kindness is contagious. Actions that show consistent care for others can spread grace and goodwill as far as remote Western Alaska. This month, Pope Francis asks us to pray for lives that are “available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavor of the Gospel”. In St. Luke’s gospel, Christ […]

Local Research Digs Into Ancient History in Shaktoolik

For several years, Shaktoolik has been the site of extensive archeological excavations. The village’s long history of near-continuous residence for millennia comes with a deep respect for artifacts of the past. The people of Shaktoolik have intentionally protected the sites by not digging up what their ancestors left behind. The permafrost also preserves them, making […]

Surprise Visit Shines Spotlight on Deep Draft Port Funding

Locals were recently surprised to hear Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy paid an unannounced visit to Nome to discuss the city’s deep-draft port. “If you get a port here obviously you can take in a lot more traffic, which hopefully means more jobs, more commerce for the area here, whether its servicing smaller cruise ship lines […]

Letters Spread More Hometown Love

With the fall semester underway, the series ‘Love Letters to Home’ featuring short messages from rural college students have been a sweet affirmation of family and community strengths on the airwaves. In one letter, John Bernardo of Ketchikan expresses his gratitude for the family members and mentors that helped him get where he is, particularly […]