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Young Providers Recognized

Woman in fishing gear stands on a boat at sea, holding a huge crab

Adelaine “Addy” Ahmasuk of Nome and Trevor Savetilik of Shaktoolik won the Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) 2019 Young Providers Award. The organization recognized their daily contributions “to the health and well-being of their families, communities and culture.” Adelaine Ahmasuk, who is a commercial fisherwoman, is an advocate for indigenous people. She formed an Inupiaq […]

Counting Western Alaska

Preparations are underway for the 2020 census in the Bering Strait region, which is set to start in the village of Toksook Bay in January. There are several challenges involved with counting every Alaskan, especially in the rural villages and cabins that Western Alaskans call home. The census data is part of the equation that […]

First Tribal Justice Summit Held

Tribes in the Bering Strait region are using traditional values to restructure the tribal justice system in their communities. Kawerak, the regional tribal consortium for the Bering Strait region, hosted a tribal justice summit to foster discussion and spawn ideas. “Tribal courts are really our courts. They seek to provide restorative justice to our tribal […]

Alaska Native Voices from WWII Are Focus of Historical Project

Elderly woman and young woman sit smiling, side-by-side

Most people, Alaskans included, don’t know very much about the role of Alaska Native people in World War II. That’s according to Dr. Holly Miowak Guise, of Unalakleet and Anchorage. She is currently documenting the experiences of Alaska Native elders in a book and digital library. Dr. Guise says she never heard about the Aleut […]

From the GM’s Desk (November 2019)

“Service comes in many forms at KNOM. It is lived out through volunteering time, talent, and treasure to keep the mission strong. It is in the gift of presence over the phone, expressed in letters, and sharing a cup of coffee in the station. KNOM is a living and breathing mission of God, where giving […]

Commission for Public Safety Formed

“We have a very sick community and we need to try making things turn around and make it a healing community.” That’s from Carol Piscoya, one of the civilians sworn into Nome’s new Public Safety Advisory Commission. The commission is grappling with a history of sexual assault cases that have gone without investigation. As the […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (November 2019)

“Thank you for your service,” is commonly used today to recognize the sacrifice of our nation’s troops. It acknowledges the commitment to serve, often unconditionally and at great personal cost to a greater good. Their sacrifice is made worthy with a larger long term view. KNOM recognizes this service in a spot series and features […]