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Dear Friend…(September 2023)

When someone experiences something intense, it can be difficult for them to describe their experience. A good friend will listen patiently while they find words to express what’s on their heart.  In this issue, several Western Alaskans take to the radio waves to share their stories and speak up for their communities. Thanks to you, […]

How one Unalakleet teen is advocating for a green future

“I really want to show people that if we move away from resource extraction, there’s many jobs for people to have revolving around renewable energy. We could move towards a different kind of future. What would our future look like if it were more oriented towards the greener option?” Maiyuraq Lauryn Nanouk Jones was awarded […]

Olympic games held in Interior Alaska

The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) is a cherished tradition where crowds gather to watch athletes compete in traditional Alaska Native games. The games connect to the rich history and spirit of the region and reiterate the need to be strong both mentally and physically, making it possible to survive a harsh climate as the Elders […]

Summer camp connects youth with their roots

Each year, youth from around the region gather at Camp Igaliq to learn new skills, participate in activities, and work with mentors. This year, the summer camp took place at a lakeside campsite outside Nome. Activities offered at Camp Igaliq include learning from elders, guest presentations, canoeing, hiking, Native dancing, and more. Zoe Okleasik is […]

Colorful Creations: Nome’s ‘Salmon on Parade’ inspires young artists

Norton Sound Health Corporation, sponsored the “Salmon on Parade” contest, where community members in Nome and surrounding villages had the chance to decorate a salmon cut out and win a cash prize. One of the artists is seven-year-old Elizabeth Phan. Her salmon, decorated with swirls and bright colors, is titled “Ocean Glamour” and was inspired […]

Youth in Nome become Junior Park Rangers 

The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve held its first Junior Ranger Program, geared towards children ages 6-12. Through team building games, crossword puzzles, and learning about emergency equipment, children learned about how to survive in Arctic and Subarctic regions. The program was led by Nome-grown Park Ranger Kat Scott of the Bering Land Bridge National […]