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Hometown leaders honored for helping others

A man in a military uniform, Major General Torrence Saxe, puts a pin on an Elder who is sitting down.

Recently, a number of stories have emerged about leaders whose examples, sacrifice, and focus on others honor their communities. First, Corporal Bruce Boolowon was awarded for his heroic effort rescuing 11 U.S. Navy airmen in 1955. Boolowon saw a U.S. Navy airplane, a Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune, shot down by Soviet fighter planes. He and a […]

Innovative students awarded

A girl, Denali Walrath, and a boy, Bradley Rowe, stand in front of a banner.

What do a renewable snow cone machine and an app for tracking dangerous wildlife have in common? Both are award-winning ideas dreamt up by Nome youngsters. Fifth-grader Denali Walrath and second-grader Bradley Rowe recently took home awards from a statewide competition for innovation in the Arctic. Walrath, who took first place in the aptly-named Cub […]

Dear Friend… (June 2023)

As soon as the snow melts and winter parkas come off, bustling activity begins in Alaska. Construction crews and seasonal workers return to work sites. In Nome, the first barge brings in long-awaited supplies ordered months ago. Soon, salmon will start running. Not long after that the first berries will be ripe. The bountiful food […]

Hope for sustainability in sight for water and sanitation

A group of people sit in a recording studio with microphones in front of them.

As communities endure seemingly annual water line freeze-ups and other sanitation issues, a new partnership in the region gives cause for optimism. For two years, Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a Christian nonprofit that works primarily in developing nations, has been involved in a partnership to improve water and sanitation in the Bering Strait region. During […]