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2020 Serum Run Expedition Final Day: The Finish in Nome

After traversing nearly 750 miles from Nenana, the 2020 Serum Run Expedition came to a close in Nome on Thursday afternoon. KNOM reporter, JoJo Phillips, spoke with Nome musher, Stephanie Johnson on the sea ice. If you missed KNOM’s coverage of the live finish, take a listen here:

2020 Serum Run Expedition Day 17: Teams Reach Koyuk

The Serum Run Expedition, which is tracing the steps of the 1925 quest to get medicine to Nome, reached Koyuk last night. They are planning to be in Elim Monday night. By late Thursday morning, they hope to be in Nome. Nome musher Stephanie Johnson hopes to keep up their lucky streak – but admits […]

2020 Serum Run Expedition Day 14: Old Woman to Unalakleet

Last night, the remaining 2020 Serum Run Expedition Team made camp at the Tripod Flats Cabin, not quite halfway to Unalakleet. They plan to be in Unalakleet tonight. On the way they will pass by the Old Woman Cabin, about 33 miles East of Unalakleet. Local legends say that passersby must leave a piece of […]

2020 Serum Run Expedition: Day 10, Ruby to Galena

Nome musher Kirsten Bey was hit by a snow machine on Sunday and has been medevac’d to Fairbanks.

Other expedition members have said Bey likely has a broken leg and possible concussion, but her dogs are uninjured. The incident happened Sunday night about five miles outside of Galena.

2020 Serum Run Expedition Day 7: Along the Yukon

As of 5pm last night, the expedition sent an update that trail breakers had reached the Bone Yard Cabin, on the Yukon riverbank. Yesterday also marked some firsts for the expedition. In addition to being their first Yukon community, the village of Tanana was also the first of many free vaccine clinics that the expedition provided.

2020 Serum Run Expedition: Day 5, En-route to Tanana

The group of 13 decided to spend almost two days in Manley Hot Springs, about a hundred miles into their trip.

According to the expedition organizer, this may be the final opportunity the group has to sleep in a bed before they reach the finish in Nome.

2020 Serum Run Expedition: Day 3, Heading To Manley

The 2020 Serum Run Expedition, which will travel 750 miles, set off from Nenana on Saturday afternoon. As of this update, the group of 13 mushers and snowmachiners reached a spot called Beaver Point Lodge and were en-route to the community of Manley Hot Springs. To hear some information about the history of the Serum […]