Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For millions of Americans, St. Patrick’s Day is a time to party. Green beer, green clothes and general revelry makes everybody somewhat Irish — at least for one day in the middle of March. But March 17 is a holy, high holiday for the estimated 1.3 billion Catholics that revere St. Patrick and his mission…

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Elder Wisdom: Karen Nassuk

Karen Nassuk, educational aid at Koyuk Malimiut School, shares about an encounter with a whale. Listen to her story below. Image at top: Karen Nassuk at Koyuk school. Photo by Scotty Campbell, KNOM (2023).

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Suwat: Infant health


On Feb. 8, NSHC staff Hilary Fello and Reba Lean discuss health resources for pregnancy and babies. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a federal, income-based program that provides financial assistance for staple foods, breast-feeding support, and family nutrition support.

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Ocean Knowledge: Episode 6

Multiple pink salmon swimming underwater

On Jan. 27, Ocean Knowledge host Megan Onders breaks open fish and fishing research related to the marine environment of the Bering Sea with several guests: UAF Ph.D. student Austin Flanigan, UAF Research Engineer Hank Statscewich, Liang Wu who is a doctorial candidate in International Shipping and Seafarer Studies at CUNY, Indigenous People’s Council for Marine Mammals Chairman Mike Miller, and NOAA Research Biologist Kathi A. Lefebvre, Ph.D.

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Suwat: Norton Sound health

4 women in radio studio

Kawerak partnered with Norton Sound Health Corporation to share what’s happening with Norton Sound health. On Jan. 25, NSHC CAMP department staff Tracy Gregg, Nicole Mertz and Reba Lean joined Danielle Slingsby to talk about fitness classes.

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A Tribute to Les Brown

Man with white beard sits in front of sound board inside radio broadcast studio

Longtime engineer and volunteer Les Brown dedicated many years to serving the people of Western Alaska on the midnight airwaves. His last prerecorded shows played out a month after his passing. For a last hurrah, KNOM aired a tribute to Les during his usual 12-1 a.m. show time.

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Suwat: Land Management Services

Francine Hopson joined Danielle Slingsby for Suwat on Dec. 28 to discuss Kawerak Land Management Services. The department helps native land allotment owners protect and manage their land by offering assistance with veteran land allotment applications, land advertisements, lease agreements, wills, and a disaster-relief grant.

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