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Ocean Knowledge: Episode 9

Bearded seal on ice floe

On May 12, Michael Cameron of NOAA, Yaayuk Alvanna-Stimpfle and Julie Raymond-Yakoubian of Kawerak discussed a multitude of topics including ice seal research in the Arctic with Ocean Knowledge host Megan Onders.

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 8

On April 21st, Austin Ahmasuk of Nome discussed the spring and upcoming summer subsistence season with Ocean Knowledge host Megan Onders. They were joined by Dr. Lori Quakenbush with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, and Dr. Angela Szesciorka of Oregon State University. Learn more by listening to the full episode below: About this […]

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 7


On Feb. 10, Gay Sheffield and Rick Thoman discussed ecological research in conjunction with regional knowledge with Ocean Knowledge host Megan Onders.

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 6

Multiple pink salmon swimming underwater

On Jan. 27, Ocean Knowledge host Megan Onders breaks open fish and fishing research related to the marine environment of the Bering Sea with several guests: UAF Ph.D. student Austin Flanigan, UAF Research Engineer Hank Statscewich, Liang Wu who is a doctorial candidate in International Shipping and Seafarer Studies at CUNY, Indigenous People’s Council for Marine Mammals Chairman Mike Miller, and NOAA Research Biologist Kathi A. Lefebvre, Ph.D.

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 5

Aerial shot of ice coverage on Norton Sound

On this episode of Ocean Knowledge, Megan Onders and guests discussed updates on research related to the relationship between marine life and sea ice reduction, news on ocean regulations, advocacy and more.

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 4

In this installment of Ocean Knowledge, Megan Onders interviews several guests: Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada President Lisa Koperqualuk, Director of Marine Environment Division at International Maritime Organization Arsenio A Dominguez, former Chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission and former Lt. Gov. of Alaska Mead Treadwell, Kaare Erickson with Ikaagun Engagement, Senior Director of Arctic […]

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 3

Close up of the face and tusks of a walrus.

In this episode of Ocean Knowledge, Megan Onders and guests Vera Metcalf with the Eskimo Walrus Commission, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Carl Gouldman with NOAA’s US Integrated Ocean Observing System discuss ecological and geo-political changes.

Ocean Knowledge: Episode 2

salmon underwater

On Sept. 16, Megan Onders spoke with UAF professor Franz Mueter, Matt Ganley with Bering Straits Native Corporation, and Nome Eskimo Community Executive Director Emma Pate about storm preparedness, fish research, the tribal response to harmful algal blooms and more.

Ocean Knowledge, a collaboration between AOOS and KNOM: Episode 1

During the premiere of Ocean Knowledge, listeners heard from Sylvester Ayek, who moved from King Island to Nome, about his journey, boat safety and staying healthy on the island. Kate Haapala, an analyst with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, talked about the history of NPFMC and how it began to consider local subsistence knowledge in the management of and recommendations for fisheries. Final guest Gay Sheffield with the UAF Alaska Sea Grant shared about an on-going survey of harmful algal blooms and how they affect subsistence. Click below to listen to the full program.