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New Teammates Capture First Iron Dog Win on New 2,400-Mile Course

Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad are the 2020 Iron Dog Champions, giving Aklestad his second race win and Olstad his fourth overall. The two racers had not competed together before this race, but Aklestad told KIYU Radio back in Galena that the two Iron Dog veterans were looking for a change this year. “Me and […]

Racers Approach Ophir and Finish at Big Lake, Morgan & Olds Two Hours Back

Snow machine racer on trail.

The top four Iron Dog 2020 teams are out of the Poorman checkpoint and racing towards Ophir, but according to trail organizers, it is unlikely to be an easy ride due to deep snow and trail obstructions. But first, here are the standings of the top teams. As of this update, Team #7 of Tyler […]

Iron Dog Teams Move On From Ruby, Focus Turns To Strategic Layovers

With just fourteen Iron Dog teams remaining after David Spain and Travis Temple scratched yesterday evening, almost all teams are finishing up their 10 to 20 hours of mandatory rest. The top 5 teams are in the process of completing the first 20 hours of the 26 total rest hours that are mandatory at this […]

Morgan and Olds Catching Up to Leaders, Top Five Teams Resting in Ruby

Racers are adjusting their strategy for taking mandatory layovers due to the southbound trail past Ruby not being fully broken in by last night. The field of 14 Iron Dog teams has now spread out quite a bit on their way to the finish in Big Lake. As of this update, the top five teams […]

Confusing GPS Tracker Updates Add Intrigue to Competitive 2020 Iron Dog

Race leaders arrive in Nome

Twelve of the sixteen remaining Iron Dog teams have checked out of Nome and are back on the clock. Jerod Vaughn and Michael Oliver of Team #35, who sped out of East Beach at 11:47 AM, are the latest racers to hop back on their Ski-Doos and into the race. As of this update, frontrunners […]

Six Teams Heading To Eastern Norton Sound, Team #7 Holds Commanding Lead

Six Iron Dog teams are back on the clock, with the most recent being last year’s third place finishers – Casey Boylan and Bryan Leslie of team #14, who left Nome at 8:42am. Before team #14 was reigning champions Mike Morgan of Nome and his racing partner Chris Olds who left at 8:06am in 5th […]

Three Teams on the Trail for Last 1,000 Miles in 2020 Iron Dog

Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad were the first Iron Dog racers back on the trail at 7am this morning. They now have about a thousand miles to go, from Nome to the finish line in Big Lake. Even though Team #7 had about an hour and a half lead on the second position team of […]

All But One Team Halfway Through 2020 Iron Dog, Aklestad and Olstad On Top

15 out of the 16 teams remaining in this year’s Iron Dog snowmachine race have reached Nome, the halfway point in a 2,400-mile course. Since they took the lead into Galena on Sunday, Team #7 of Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad have continued to hold onto first position. After pulling into Nome first, just before […]

Aklestad and Olstad Reach Nome with More Than an Hour Lead on Next Team

The first racers in the 2020 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race have arrived in Nome. Tyler Acklestad and Nick Olstad of Team #7 crested the snow ramp on East Beach just over half an hour ago at 4:27pm. They spoke briefly to KNOM radio, met with fans, and headed for the garage shortly afterwards. (To hear […]

Aklestad and Olstad Through Buckland, Southbound to Nome, in 1st Position

Quinn Schaeffer (Bib #2) speeds down East Beach to start the 2016 Nome-Golovin snowmachine race. Photo: Laura Kraegel, KNOM.

The lead racers in the 2020 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race are heading back to the Eastern Norton Sound after completing the Kotzebue loop amidst whiteout conditions. According to the unofficial GPS tracker, Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad of Team 7 checked out of Buckland southbound in first position within the last hour. At the time […]