Race to the Iron Dog Finish, 300 Miles Away, Starts Tonight

Minnick and Olstad Approach Nome

The 2019 Iron Dog winners may already have the win locked up, but the time difference between the first position and second positioned teams just got a little bit smaller. Rookie racer Adam Drinkhouse and teammate Brad George took ten mandatory layover hours in Kaltag and then rested again in Galena before pushing all the…

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Leaders Roughly 300 Miles from Finish in 2019 Iron Dog

KNOM's Laureli Kinneen with Mike Morgan

The front runners in this year’s Iron Dog continue to push closer and closer to the finish in Fairbanks, yet one team was sent backwards on the trail yesterday. Team 8 of Tyson Johnson and Tyler Aklestad reached White Mountain yesterday morning but then by afternoon, scratched from the race and were towed back to…

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Morgan and Olds Lead as Iron Dog Departs Nome

Snowmachine racer speeds up snow ramp, racing off of Bering Sea ice.

Iron Dog race leaders are back on the trail as of Thursday morning. Snowmachines roared as Mike Morgan and Chris Olds took off at exactly 8am for the Iron Dog halfway restart in Nome. From here, racers will follow the trail along the Norton Sound coast to White Mountain, then Ruby, and then cut in to the Interior to finish in Fairbanks.

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