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Dear Friend…(April 2024)

On the second Sunday of Easter, we hear the Gospel passage of Thomas finally meeting the risen Christ. The drama of Jesus’ crucifixion and death was so viscerally real and compelling that he refuses to believe until he can see Jesus alive face-to-face. Thomas was a beloved disciple; he followed Jesus throughout his public life and, according to tradition, would ultimately preach the Gospel as far off as India. Even so, this one moment is infuriatingly enough to label him for all the ages as “Doubting Thomas.”

Doubt is a natural human experience. It can even be a net positive when it impels us to explore, question, and find answers. Moments of doubt and difficulty can lead to stronger faith. Even Jesus does not condemn Thomas for his moment of doubt but reassures and comforts him. Knowing that Jesus stands with us even in our moments of doubt comforts and strengthens us as we navigate our spiritual journey.

There is no doubt that KNOM continues to be a friend and companion to Western Alaska thanks to your friendship and generosity. KNOM is blessed every day with your kindness. You are a blessing, and we thank God for you every day!

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